Henry Bradshaw Society


Membership of HBS

Apart from occasional grants obtained by editors, the Society's publishing work is wholly funded by the subscriptions of its members. The costs of running the Society are minimal, and no officer or editor receives payment. The recent accounts of the Society can be found here.

The Society currently has more than 300 members worldwide, including major research libraries and private individuals. Membership is open to anyone wishing to support the Society's work. The volumes in the main series of publication are each assigned a corresponding period of subscription (usually one or two years), based upon the cost of production. Members whose subscriptions are complete for that period receive the volume free of charge, in return for their subscription. Current members who are not so qualified may obtain new volumes upon publication, in return for the appropriate back-subscription.

Subscription Rates

Subscription rates are set by Council and are periodically adjusted in line with changes in the cost of book-production. The Society's policy is normally to hold its subscription rate for a four-year period. The current rate came into force on 1 January 2003 and is set at £20.50 per annum. Please note that:

We welcome Gift Aid declarations from UK taxpayers - please email the Treasurer!

Applying for Membership

Step 1:
Please complete the electronic membership application form, here.

Step 2:
If paying by card on-line, use the payment button above to send your subscription.
If paying by cheque, then please also print the form, and send it with your cheque to the Treasurer (address here).

On receipt of your application, we will contact you by post or email.